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Perder peso en una semana

"What can´t be measured it´s not usefull"

Pedro Hugo García Peláez

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Radio Interview about the book "Lose weight in a week"

Radio Interview about the book "Lose weight in a week"

Amazing book to a health living


With the exercises described in this book you can lose weight from day one.
-about 5 kg in a week without effort.
-In The first two sessions will disappear fat in your abdomen, very annoying as it is carrying a backpack on your stomach.
-The Human body is designed to move in harmony and if you move it that way get a perfect body.
-Now with online calculators that allow you to find the natural frequency of oscillation, from different parts of your body, introducing

variables of your own body, such as mass, length, etc ... You find you own frequency automatically.
-Different Exercises like swimming or cycling.
-Swimming The human body may resemble a table, and you have to move a certain way on the water, to enter into resonance with our own

-At Pedaling a stationary bicycle, our legs are like physical pendulums to be moved in harmony with its own weight and the length and

radius of the leg.
-Our Arms can be used as springs of very large elastic constant, almost indeformables to strengthen the upper body.

Now a brief excerpt from chapter 2:

"Effects of resonance to swim":

The drop in weight occurs from day one and not much effort is needed, five to ten minutes a day is enough.
About two years ago I had an idea of ​​like falling from the sky, is that the human body can be likened to a table, the example is a bit

macabre, but when a person puts it in a coffin see that not much room left over .
A coffin has a natural frequency of floating as in the case of a ship which depends only on its sides.
The Greeks knew that when soaking a body was experiencing an upward force equal to the weight of water displaced (Archimedes principle),

the other force acting on the floating body is the weight Swimmer Swimmer own.
No I will demonstrate how to get to the formula of the natural frequency of a body submerged floating level, although any sophomore

physical should be able to find it taking into account the density of the liquid, but for a body of square shape is T = 2 * 3.14 (vh / vg)

where (h) the weighted average of your own sides and (g) the constant of gravity 9.81 m / s ?? 22 at the Earth's surface.
If you do a weighted average of the cost of a human body comes to be about 14 cm (wider in the thighs, ankles thinner and wider in the

By measuring this variable in your body we can measure the time in which we must make a full stroke, in my case T = 2 * 3.14 * (v0,14 /

v9,81) = 0.84 seconds
This is the time when I do a full stroke (since we started doing the stroke we immersed ourselves and come back up again be in the same

position), in this way we get the strength we developed to produce this movement get into resonance with the natural frequency of our own body to float.